Why doctors are rebelling against Ontario’s crumbling healthcare system

Toronto Life:

The fact that doctors bill more than $11 billion annually makes them something like a corporation—their revenues are roughly the same as Air Canada’s or Canadian Tire’s. When companies of that size have to deal with revenue freezes or shortfalls, they respond by finding efficiencies, eliminating duplication and waste, lowering wages or prices, squeezing suppliers for discounts. They take a hard look at how they run their business, and they usually become better companies as a result. Doctors refuse to do this work. Hoskins is determined to force them.

I’m uncertain that the author has ever travelled on Air Canada. Unless, of course, they think that the ‘efficiencies’ Air Canada has achieved by laying of thousands of people, worsening service quality, and regularly failing to meet its agreements with customers have made Air Canada a “better company” as a result.