Iran clamps down on internet use

From the Guardian a while back, we learn:

 Iran is clamping down heavily on web users before parliamentary elections in March with draconian rules on cybercafes and preparations to launch a national internet.

Tests for a countrywide network aimed at substituting services run through the world wide web have been carried out by Iran’s ministry of information and communication technology, according to a newspaper report. The move has prompted fears among its online community that Iran intends to withdraw from the global internet.

The police this week imposed tighter regulations on internet cafes. Cafe owners have been given a two-week ultimatum to adopt rules requiring them to check the identity cards of their customers before providing services.

Since the Green Revolution the Iranian government has massively committed resources to identifying and undermining Iranian citizens’ ability to communicate with one another using electronic systems. From their integration of deep packet inspection into their main ISP networks – and configuring them to identify and stop some kinds of encrypted traffic – to the creation of cyber-police, and now attempts to physically identify those who use public computers, it is getting harder and more dangerous for Iranians to communicate with one another over the Internet.


Iran clamps down on internet use

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