An Interesting USB-Drive Encryption System

A group of my colleagues and I are always on the hunt for affordable, easy-to-use,  secure drive encryption tools that can be deployed to non-technically savvy individuals. The most recent piece of software we’ve come across is LaCie’s Public-Private encryption which, as far as I can tell, is a pretty front-end for TrueCrypt.

I’ve reached out to the company in the hopes of learning what, if anything, they’ve done in making TrueCrypt a tiny bit easier for people to use. TrueCrypt is one of the more secure means of protecting data. LaCie’s software itself is free – available here – and runs on any USB drive, so you can use the software without having to purchase anything from the company. The only deficit that I’ve come across thus far is that you can only create 4GB partitions; this means that if you want to encrypt everything on an 8GB drive then you’ll need to establish two separate partitions.

I’ll be updating this site once/if I hear back from the company.

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