Swartz vs Rapists

Now, the charges against Aaron were reported …poorly…insofar as individuals don’t tend to get all the charges piled onto one another when it comes time to sentencing. But still, he was looking at upwards to ½ the time the rapists are facing.

He was facing up to 35-years in prison. What are you talking about?

Orin Kerr walks through (see: http://www.volokh.com/2013/01/16/the-criminal-charges-against-aaron-swartz-part-2-prosecutorial-discretion/) how the charges likely would have unfolding had Aaron’s defense…and appeals…failed. My comment on sentence was a reference to the plea that was on the table (3 months, then 6 months).

(As a note: my comment isn’t meant as either supporting the prosecution of Aaron or the sentencing of the rapists.)

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