Brazilian BBQ



Ian and I are going to Texas De Brazil in less than two weeks:

Treat yourself to our 50-60 item seasonal salad area including appetizers, gourmet vegetables, soups, and salads. Turn your place card to green and prepare to be swarmed by a troop of carvers generously serving various cuts of seasoned beef, lamb, pork, chicken and Brazilian sausage, all accompanied by traditional side items and house-baked Brazilian cheese bread. As you dine endlessly on Brazilian fare, let one of our in-house wine connoisseurs select the perfect pairing from our extensive, award-winning wine lists, or sip on a freshly-made signature cocktail-the Caipirinha. Complete your dining experience with one of our many decadent dessert selections, and then relax with an after-dinner drink, steaming espresso or a hand-rolled cigar and enjoy the ambiance and service perfection that is uniquely Texas de Brazil.

So, I mean, if we die in Ron Swanson’s wet dream, it’s been real, y’all. I’ll just be singing MEAT to the tune of LMFAO’S SHOTS until then (EVERY ANIMAL!).

Apologies to my non-meat-eating followers, but “Ron Swanson’s wet dream” is right; next to being in the same room as my wife, this is the thing I’m most excited for. As I said to Anaïs, we are going to feel so awesome/horrible after.

Brazilian BBQ is just a terrific experience. Was sad to not get a chance to enjoy it last time I was in Rio.

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