This Has Been A Crappy 24 Hours

This has been an abysmally crappy 24 hours. It starts with my laptop dying last night and me, consequently, spending until the early hours of the morning trying to get it working. No joy: the logic board is dead.

Because of trying to fix stuff, I didn’t really sleep. And, because no computer no work was done through the day.

To start remedying things, I ordered a new laptop from Apple. It’s not coming until next week. So, I’m less able than normal to work/participate in anything until things arrive. Oh, and I’ve got to get last minute stuff done on 3 separate projects, and diss chapters. All due by end of month.

Still, the day got worse! After I’d sorted the computer stuff (yay! unexpected significant expenditure of money!) I dug out an old PC we have for emergencies. Like this. Much of my stuff is sitting in the cloud, so I figured I could get something done.

Wrong! My ISP managed to sever all connections with Google for most of the afternoon. It’s evening, and still no access to Google services. You know, like Google Docs, where I store ‘in progress’ writings in case there’s ever a problem with my computer AND I can’t immediately recover from backups.

It’s be really awesome to just rewind and delete the past 24 hours or so, you know?