Housekeeping Note

This website began as a space to do ‘little blogging’, giving me some leeway to think and write about issues without breaking up the tenor or character of the more lengthy analyses of contemporary privacy, security, and technology issues that I undertake at Technology, Thoughts, and Trinkets. Since I began writing at Quirks and Tech, a little over a year ago, I’ve posted 600 items. In effect, what began as a distraction space has become a little more serious and, as a result, a visual update has been in order.

I purchased a domain for the site several months back when I decided that I liked writing here. Today, I’m happy to unveil the new theme for the site.[1] It emphasizes readability and a general lack of visual clutter. The fonts are far easier to parse than those associated with the previous theme that I was using, and the shading of various areas is subtle enough distinguish between different blocks of content without becoming overbearing.

As part of the update I’ve formalized links to my other presences online, and begun thinking about systemic ‘top categories’ to help people wade through the morass of posts that I’ve generated. I’m going to continue making some minor tweaks over the next while, but the general structure and aethetic are going to remain for some time going forward.

  1. I’ve modified the Tewday theme in the course of these updates. I cannot express how disappointed I was with much of the theme upon delivery: sloppy CSS coding was pervasive, and many styling elements (like lists! like blockquotes) weren’t done properly. I’ll be reviewing the theme – and how to fix parts of it – at a later date.  ↩
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