Theme Update/Simplified

So, ever since I did my last theme refresh here at Quirks in Tech I’ve actually been disappointed. I mean, the last refresh was better than what it replaced but still had a litany of issues around responsive formatting, header issues, and a lot of ugly cruft that I had to do (the theme that served as its base was…problematic).

The single most infuriating aspect of the previous theme, however, was its inability to properly format quotations. It made me angry each time I saw one at the site (as opposed to on the Tumblr dashboard).

A few days ago I massively revamped how the site looks. There are a few little niggles here and there that i need to tease out (and wow, is Tumblr ever weird to work in as someone more accustomed to dealing with WordPress) but on the whole stuff’s sorted out. It’s much, much more visually minimalistic while simultaneously being functional. And because it’s nice to look at, I’m here a lot more!