U.S. Cyber Command investment ensures hackers targeting America face retribution

U.S. Cyber Command investment ensures hackers targeting America face retribution :

Later that summer, Marine Lt. Gen. Richard P. Mills bluntly told a conference in Baltimore that commanders under his control in Afghanistan routinely used cyberwarfare tactics to attack and disable al Qaeda and Taliban enemies.

“I can tell you that as a commander in Afghanistan in the year 2010, I was able to use my cyberoperations against my adversary with great impact,” Gen. Mills was quoted at the time as saying. “I was able to get inside his nets, infect his command and control, and in fact defend myself against his almost constant incursions to get inside my wire, to affect my operations.

While the military is developing the capability, the political and policy realm is struggling with the right parlance.

If that’s the language that US generals are using to explain what ‘cyber’ is then I think that the executive-class is clueless about the things that their ‘cyberwarriors’ are up to. And if they’re this clueless then how can they be relied on (or quoted in anything other than a mocking way?) to provide expert advice to policy makers, politicians, or the public?

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