Rulfo’s Chapbook of Survival

Wonderous, rare


This small, nondescript, and unlabeled chapbook has thin copper-sheet pages that are painted white, and can be written on. Each sheet has a word stamped at the top of the page. When the holder of the book smears a bit of their blood onto the stamp and speaks the word aloud the page transforms into a small metal instrument described by the world.

The book has an inscription on the inside cover that reads, “To Rulfo: May this journal keep you safe and let you record your adventures! Love, Mom.”


Shaerla of the Twisted Light created this chapbook for her son, Rulfo, in 1247DR when it became apparent that Rulfo was likely to prefer a life of adventuring in the wilderness to the family’s normal scholarly leanings. He travelled with it extensively during his explorations of the Sword Coast but lost it after he was attacked by the Twisty Eyeball tribe of goblins in the depths of Nightfall in 1259DR. Ever since the chapbook has reappeared periodically, passed along by adventurers, merchants, and folk of the outdoors. It was last seen in the hands of Brant of Yartar in the Year of the Lightning Strikes (1457DR) before he ventured into Sword Mountains.


The chapbook’s magics have faded over time with its use, to the point where its ability to transform sheets into useful small items can only be activated once per month. While the DM can decide what words are stamped into the pages, some words may include: dagger, grappling hook, bread knife, lock pick, bowl, helm, drinking flask, beer mug, manacles, crowbar, and hand axe. To activate a page the holder must smear a small bit of their blood onto the stamped word and simultaneously say the word on the page. After one hour the item transforms back into the copper page; it must then be reinserted into the book and can be reactivated again one month later.

(This magical item builds off an idea introduced by Ed Greenwood in his column, The Teleporting Oddity.)