BlackBerry’s new round of lawsuits targets BLU—and Android

BlackBerry’s new round of lawsuits targets BLU—and Android:

The new lawsuits also suggest that BlackBerry has patents it believes describe Android features, so don’t be surprised if more Android phones are in the crosshairs soon. One of the two cases filed last week accuses user-interface features that are more about Android than they are about BLU. A small manufacturer like BLU could make for a good “test case” against a maker of Android phones.

Great. We’re back to the patent-suit wars that more or less wrapped up between mobile phone companies a few years back.

It’s going to be pretty amazing to watch Blackberry sue firms which have adopted the Android OS…just like Blackberry itself. I wonder if some other trolls will come out from their bridge and fire reciprocal suits against Blackberry.