Moto Z Play review: the best battery life of any smartphone today

But the Moto Z Play rarely feels like you’re doing much settling. Even when you add together the negatives like an average camera, Verizon’s annoying bloatware, and Lenovo’s poor track record with software updates, the Moto Z Play’s affordable price, zippy performance, and unbelievable battery life still add up to something very compelling. And yes, unlike the Z and Z Force, there’s even a headphone jack built in. Forget the Z’s before it; this is the practical Moto Z that most people should get. It’s available exclusively from Verizon Wireless for a limited time for $408, but starting in October you can get it unlocked on GSM carriers (and free of carrier bloat) for $450.

The Verge notes that if you buy a Moto Z you’re unlikely to get “software updates”. That doesn’t just mean you won’t get bells and whistles and neat new features as Google releases new versions of their operating system. It also means that Lenovo will not send you security updates. So you’ll have a long-lasting smartphone that is insecure to trivial attacks that could extract sensitive personal information or otherwise compromise your device.

But other than that, I’m sure it’s a great phone to recommend.