Solved: Mendeley-Related Error in Microsoft Word for MacOS

In the past I used Mendeley as a citation management system. I stopped using it, and uninstalled it from MacOS, when they deprecated the mobile application I relied upon. I had installed the Mendeley extension for Microsoft Word to facilitate easy citation insertion and updates. Ever since deleting Mendeley from MacOS I have received a popup window when opening Microsoft Word as well as a prompt to save changes to “Mendeley-word2016-1.19.4.dotm” when closing Word.

The Problem

I was receiving prompts when opening and closing Microsoft Word for MacOS after having uninstalled Mendeley. These were annoying and I wanted them to go away.

The Solution

In MacOS:

  1. Open Finder
  2. Search for “Mendeley”
  3. Delete “Mendeley Desktop.plist” and “Mendeley-word2016-1.19.4.dotm”

You should now be able to open Microsoft Word without being asked to point to where Mendeley is installed, and exit Word without being asked to save changes to Mendeley-word2016-1.19.4.dotm.

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