I still think [Apple] should go back to Dropbox with a blank check and just ask how many zeros they need to put at the end to make it happen.

My friend Dave Zaffrann, practicing the art of Having a Decent Idea while lamenting iCloud’s future (via chartier)

I think that this is on the mark, in the sense that iCloud is gross and Apple needs to do better. I also hope it never comes to be, given how much I use Dropbox on non-Apple devices and products.

Making Dropbox a Little Safer

Research conducted by Christopher Soghoian demonstrated that Dropbox lacks a security model that genuinely protects user data. As a consequence, while Dropbox is a convenient service it isn’t one that can really be trusted. Regardless, individuals around the world do, and will, continue to use the service.

Recognizing the user-constrains around cloud file-storage solutions, BoxCryptor has provided the tools to encrypt files before they are sent to Dropbox. This lets users rely on Dropbox for convenient storage while also reducing their risk profiles. All in all, it’s a win-win for the consumer.

The instructions are for OS X, Leopard, Snow Leopard, and Lion, and are relatively easy to follow. If you want to secure yourself a little bit better than you likely are right now you’d be well served to set up automatic encryption now. As an added bonus, the instructions will let you also choose Microsoft’s or Google’s cloud services so long as you point the “EncFS Raw Path” to the file path of these other services (don’t worry: it’ll be super clear what that refers to as you go through the instructions!).