On Publicness and the Academy

Alex Reid has written a short piece about his position concerning the question: if and academic speaks in public, is it right for members of the audience to record/write/talk about what was said?

While I can’t say that I agree with one of the positions he assumes – that as an academic you should exclusively be publishing close-to-complete work (i.e. drafts or early works in progress you don’t want talked about need not apply!) – it’s worth the read, especially in the context that many academics are loathe to have ‘early’ work broadcast beyond tightly controlled confines and populations.

Alex has a great punchline, emphasizing how academics are for the first time really, widely, seeing their work being public and thus critiqued/engaged with. It’s scary for a lot of people but it’s definitely the new reality of academe. The post is well worth the few minutes it’ll take you to read!