Wireless Interference and Smart Meters?

Apparently folks in the DSLReports Forums are reporting some issues with their new smart meters:

Users in our forums direct our attention to claims that at least one small WISP has had their service put out of commission due to electric utility smart meters operating in the 900 MHz band. We’ve previously noted how utility smart meters are interfering with residential Wi-Fi routers, and we’re seeing agrowing number of complaints about the meters interfering with other residential gear as well. The solution from utilities so far appears to be the hope that all consumers migrated to 2.4GHZ and 5.8 GHZ bands so they don’t have to change. However, some smart meters also use the 2.4 GHz range.

I hadn’t really considered interference as one of the issues with smart meters – most of my time has been spent looking at the privacy, payment, and security issues that these meters have exhibited over the past decade – but I guess I shouldn’t be surprised. If consumers are being forced to adopt the next-gen electrical surveillance kit I have to wonder: can at least negotiate for a free router to go with their electrical update?