…tablets have gotten so cheap that it’s hard to make a case that spending $500+ on a new Windows 8 machine is better than just keeping what you have and spending $200 on a cheap tablet. That goes double when the cheap tablet in question has hundreds of thousands more apps. Throw in an unfamiliar user interface, and you’re basically telling people to please leave the Microsoft Store.

* Pete Pachal, “The Problem With Windows 8

46% of Americans Say Tablets Will Replace Laptops

Per Mashable, 46% of Americans Say Tablets Will Replace Laptops. I think that the study, at least as presented, is overly blunt. I would bet that it isn’t that 46% of Americans would replace their laptops with tablets but that 46% of the tasks people perform on laptops will move to tablets. Further, I suspect that another healthy chunk of laptop-linked tasks will move to small, 3G connected, mobile devices.

What will be left to laptops? Long-form content production and more serious computational tasks.