Precious Fragmentation: Nokia Windows Phone Fragmentation

preciousfragmentation on Nokia device fragmentation:

In the autumn, they announced the Lumia 800. It was beautiful, powerful, and unique looking, very European. Then, at CES this year, they announced the Lumia 900, essentially the same as the 800, but bigger, and with LTE functionality, built for North American hands. Now, there’s a rumour about…

The point that customers can ‘trust’ Apple because of the fairly predictable development and release cycle is key. It’s hard to develop an ‘aspirational’ brand if as soon as someone actually possesses one of your branded items they feel like they made a bad decision. In effect, you run the risk of becoming just another parts manufacturer, one that the consumer doesn’t want to trust with their emotional reserves.

They might still buy your products, they might talk about neat things about your products, but they won’t aspire to own or preach about your product or business. What’s worse, they won’t necessary be able to explicitly state why they have a grudge, but it will come through in the discussion with other prospective consumers.

The effect of these rapid ‘upgrade’ products? Word of mouth advertising is semi-poisoned from the get-go, which undermines your brand and your company’s most effective means of generating product awareness and interest.

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