Wind on a Leaf: Dear startups and other relevant parties: It’s 2012. It is no longer ok to


  • Not offer a way to download our data in some sort of a standard, transparent, and at least somewhat human-siftable format
  • Hide or otherwise be opaque about precisely what personal data you smuggle out of our devices
  • Not offer a one-to-two-click process for deleting our accounts
  • Fail to actually remove our data from your servers after we delete our accounts (while complying with applicable regional laws governing data retention)
  • Believe that taking VC and selling your customers’s private information is the only way to get a company off the ground, let alone run a successful business
  • Not use SSL for passing even the slightest bit of private information

Did I miss anything?

One thing: use rhetoric and spin to try and convince users that rabidly anti-consumer practices (such as those noted above) are good for society and that this kind of ‘radical transparency’ (i.e. screwing the customer for the benefit of the bottom line) is somehow going to make the world a better and happier place.