Stupid Problem with BlackBerry Data

I use my mobile phones a lot and most batteries just barely last me through a day on a single charge. With my iPhone and Windows Phone, when the batteries are almost exhausted, various functions (including radios) are disabled to make the last bit of juice last as long as possible. My BlackBerry does the same thing.

I’m fine with this.

What’s I’m not fine with is the following: once I charge the BlackBerry and the radios are re-activated, I have to pull the battery and fully reboot the device to get access to the various services that course through the BIS. If I don’t pull the battery, I get a warning that my plan doesn’t cover data services and thus I cannot access the phone’s various Internet-related functions. On the face of things, it seems that after charging the device, RIM’s software fails to indicate to their network infrastructure that I have a data plan and thus can access the BIS.

Needless to say, this is absurd.

I cannot believe that I’m the only person running into this and regardless of whether the problem is with my particular carrier, or the device, it isn’t something that I should ever experience. These are the kinds of problems that should be sorted out well before a device is put in the consumer’s hands.

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