Cogeco’s Meters are Still Broken

From DSLReports we find that:

The leap year appears to be the latest thing to confuse Cogeco’s metering software, with users reporting that a bug resulted in them being informed they’d already used their monthly allotment before March even really got started. Notes one of several users:

“I got my 100% warning on March 1st. I use my router as well to watch my usage. My router for Feb shows 170GB, Cogecos 254. I am going to get hit with a $75 charge and I am pissed. Measurement Canada needs to get involved here, this is getting absurd.”

Measurement Canada seems absolutely unwilling to get involved in issues related to mobile or landline data speeds and volume accuracy. We really need to get at least an OfCom level of involvement: the punting between Industry Canada, Measurement Canada, and the CRTC continues to have very real implications for citizens and consumers, and these problems have to be addressed.


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