A Pedophile Survivor on Bill C-30

Anne Rector gives voice to many who were systematically abused as children and who, often as a result of the abuse, are now ardent protectors of basic privacy rights. From her piece:

While I’m fairly openly about many things, my privacy has been savagely breached quite enough in this life. I should be able to preserve the tatters of personal privacy that remain, as I wish.

But this Conservative crime bill targets my privacy’s safeguards, and it’s inappropriate of politicians to use ‘pedophiles’ to strip me of them.

Just try claiming that I support child pornographers… and I’ll impart what fierce really is.

Go read the piece. It’s short. It does a good job identifying just how hurtful and harmful the Canadian Government’s equivalency of privacy advocates and child pornographers is for those who have suffered at the hands of child abusers.

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