Google Music for Mac (Desktop Application)

I’ve been using this OS X desktop app for Google Music for a few weeks now and absolutely love it.[1] One of the big weaknesses of Google Music (as made available by Google) is the absolute reliance on the web browser for desktop playback. In my case, I tend to have 4–5 windows, each with 10–40 tabs, on most work days.

In that mess of windows and tabs, hunting for the lone tab controlling my music is a royal pain in the ass. To the point where I’d rather use iTunes.

If Google doesn’t flat out hire the developers of the (unofficial) desktop app then I pray that Google at least leaves the developers/API sufficiently alone so that they can keep providing this very awesome application for us unwashed masses. Otherwise I’m going to have to spend a lot more time in iTunes (again).

  1. Note that if you haven’t played with your security settings, and are running a contemporary version of OS X, by default you won’t be able to install or run the application. To run the application open ‘Preference’ >> ‘Security’. In the ‘General’ tab click the unlock botton (lower left corner) and enter your administrative credentials. Then, on the same tab, select ‘Mac App Store and identified developers’; you should subsequently be able to authorize the Google Music application. You may have to repeat this process each time you update the application.  ↩
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