Heartbleed Internet Security Flaw Used in Attack

It’s a statement from Mandiant and so some mindfulness should be taken when reading their comments. (The same is true when parsing statements from other for-profit security companies.) Still, that Heartbleed is not only weaponized (that happened almost immediately after it was integrated into Metasploit) but is showing up in the wild prominently enough to warrant a response from Mandiant demonstrates why Heartbleed is going to be a problem for years going forward. For a good, if technical, discussion of why the hurt is just going to continue (like all things that involve breaking SSL…) see Adam Langley’s recent post titled “No, Don’t Enable Revocation Checking.”

Also: even if you don’t read Adam’s post you can follow the lesson he provides in the title of his technical post. If in the aftermath of the Heartbleed vulnerability you enabled Revocation Checking in Chrome then disable it, ASAP.

Source: Heartbleed Internet Security Flaw Used in Attack

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