Are internet service providers keeping tabs on your browsing? | Toronto Star

Are internet service providers keeping tabs on your browsing?:

What does your internet service providers know about your internet browsing habits?

Christopher Parsons, from the University of Toronto’s Citizen Lab said the range in the responses to the Star’s questions may have to do with how each company defines the word “logging.”

“I suspect that some companies may be using terms differently,“ Parsons said.

As for how long an IP address would be associated with a customer’s account, Bell said that in January they began logging IP addresses for a year in order to comply with the Copyright Act that just came into force.

Rogers said the company doesn’t “maintain a list of past IP addresses for each customer, but in some cases we can manually retrieve them for a period of time (generally not further than a year back).”

Abramson , TekSavvy’s lawyer, said via email the company keeps a log of sessions for the previous 30 days.


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