Do you: pre-made adventures?


I love reading through pre-made adventures for a hook or two for my main game. The only time I’ve ever run a pre-made was on Free RPG day at my local game shop – but even then I changed things up (one guy said he’d played the adventure elsewhere that day already…).

Do you use pre-made adventures or do you prefer to make your own?

I use a combination of pre-made and my own; for overall structure I tend to use the published work but then I add in ‘micro’ adventures that work out to about 30% of a campaign that are my own creations. My additions tend to focus on improving narrative arcs in the published campaign itself, to build the story arcs of individual PCs, and to develop multi-campaign themes and stories.

I used to mostly do just self-written work when I ran 2nd edition but, sadly, just don’t have that kind of time anymore if I’m going to produce adventures that I’m personally proud of and am happy with. But maybe that’ll change if I run into a published adventure/campaign in D&D(5e) that I’m unhappy with…

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