Alternative 5e Adventures – What can I play?


Perhaps you can’t afford right now one of the cool campaign hardcovers like Out of the Abyss, or are just looking for something new to expand your games with. Fear not; this hobby has provided fertile soil for the creativity of enthusiasts. Here I’ll leave links that may be helpful in finding adventures for free or less than US$5. Be sure to check a module’s level before purchasing it, and remember, the PDFs are for DM eyes only!

  • Merric’s Great List of Dungeons and Dragons 5E Adventures – An amazing resource. This Australian blogger attempts to list, link and review most of the published adventures from official and third party creator alike.
    • From the many listed, may I suggest based on commentary around: The Leviathan’s Tomb ($0.99), The Blacksmith’s Burden ($3.95), The Bandit’s Nest ($2.99), A Little Bit of Thievery (PWYW), The Cry of a Daughter (Free), The Mines of Valdhum ($4.99)
  • Wizards of the Coast has begun releasing their free modules for the Adventurer’s League (AL) to the public through the Dragon+ digital magazine. These have been the ones provided so far:
    • Harried in Hillsfar – This is the intro adventure for this season of the AL, tied to the Rage of Demons story arch. It presents the central town though 5 missions, designed to last about an hour each. Later modules will connect to it. It could work as a campaign base and start. You can also check the free Player’s Guide for this season.
    • Shackles of Blood – A four hour adventure with kidnapping all around. You can also check this forum detailing how things in the adventure might go awry.
  • There are many other official AL modules given for free to subscribed game stores around that have not yet been made available. However, arcane stuff happens if you type the module’s name + pdf into Google. From the first AL season, may I suggest: The Courting of Fire, Tales Trees Tell, Dues for the Dead, and The Scroll Thief.
  • ENWorld held a small contest last year for a 5e module. You can find and download here the winner Mind Blast! and the other entries.
  • This hobby has more than 20 years of adventures and custom material. Seriously, let Google be your guide (See: Dungeon Magazine’s Top 30 D&D Adventures.) To adapt modules from previous D&D generations, you’ll need to check each of the encounters and use:
    • Kobold’s Fight Club Online Encounter Builder – An awesome tool that must be part of every 5e DM. Based on the amount of heroes and their level, it will tell you how many 5e monsters you need for an encounter of a given difficulty, and calculate XP for you. Easy.
    • The 5e Monster Manual, to look the current stats for the foes
    • Voila!

Happy Gaming.

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