A Fix for Bad iPhone Battery Life

stewie.jpgFor the past weeks I’ve had outrageously bad battery life on my iPhone 7, running iOS 11. A lot of the battery drain was from the Podcasts app (approx. 24-33%) but I couldn’t figure out why the drain rate was so high: even when I only streamed over Bluetooth or Airplay I’d had the same power drain percentages, so it didn’t seem to be linked to powering the speaker on the phone (which can impact battery life significantly).

Then I realized that the application was searching for new podcasts every hour and downloading any that were available. My battery life has drastically improved after changing the setting so that the app only looks for new podcasts every 6 hours: I can now use the phone normally for a day and end up at about 20-30% battery remaining when it gets set down to charge for the night. Victory is mine!

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