The Wright affair: The RCMP falls off its horse … again

Beyond a short press release announcing its decision to drop the Wright probe on the eve of a state funeral, the RCMP’s top brass has taken up residence in the cone of silence to skirt all sorts of uncomfortable, unanswered questions about this discreditable affair.

The ordinary citizen part of me is perturbed by yesterday’s surprising events — which signal, yet again, that the rich, powerful and politically-connected are seemingly immune from any meaningful accountability for their actions.

The former investigative reporter in me is resigned to it all. I recall that the RCMP decided not to do a damn thing when it was revealed that former prime minister Brian Mulroney pocketed at least $225,000 in cash-stuffed envelopes from Karlheinz Schreiber, a notorious Austrian financier and arms dealer, while the pair met in New York soon after Mulroney left office in 1993.

Andrew Mitrovica, on the sadness and frustration that passing 90K to a sitting Senator is apparently neither a summary or indictable offence.

Source: The Wright affair: The RCMP falls off its horse … again


This week, court documents filed by the RCMP pertaining to their investigation of Mr. Duffy were disclosed. They show that the Conservative Party of Canada was initially prepared to use taxpayer-subsidized party funds to repay the debt that Mr. Duffy owed because of improperly claimed Senate expenses. It balked, however, when it learned that the amount was $90,000, not $32,000.

The Conservative government of Canada: tough on crime over $32,000; anything above $32,000, you’re on your own – or not, since the documents confirm that Stephen Harper’s then-chief of staff, Nigel Wright, did, as reported, step in and give Mr. Duffy a personal cheque for $90,000.

* Tabitha Southey, “Duffy the empire slayer: How the PMO created a big, big problem”